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The 15-Minute Occupational Stress Test for Office Professionals

Want To Know How Stressed You Are With Your Office Life?


The 15-Minute Occupational Stress Test is designed specifically for people who work in an office.

In just 15 minutes, it assesses your stress levels and provides suggestions based on your responses.

What is included:

  • 36 questions categorized by various stress-inducing factors in your office environment.
  • ​Results indicating one of four stress levels based on your answers.
  • Interpretations & Recommendations for coping with the occupational stress level based on your test results.

When you're at work, it can sometimes feel very busy and stressful.

Imagine stress as an unexpected guest who arrives without an invitation. This stress often comes from big tasks and a long to-do list.

Sometimes, conflicts with colleagues can also add to the problems at work.

This can make your workplace feel like a minefield, setting your heart racing.

Even when work is busy and stressful, you can find a way to feel better.

It's like finding a peaceful place in the middle of all the busyness.

It's a sense of inner calm at work, free from overwhelming stress.

Tasks and projects that used to make you worry become easier to handle and organize. 

To start your journey towards reduced stress, it's vital to first assess your current stress levels.

The 15-Minute Occupational Stress Test is designed to help you achieve this milestone on your well-being journey.

This test takes just 15 minutes, providing insights and ideas based on your responses to foster a stress-free office environment.

Equip yourself with practical tools and expert guidance to conquer stress in your office environment.

Best of all, they’re completely free, enjoy your well being journey!